Natural Faceted Gems

Faceted gemstones are a world unto themselves. This section is devoted to natural gems, which were mined right out of the earth. On this page, we’re offering melee (tiny genuine diamonds), which are conflict-free and ideal cut. In terms of Colored Faceted Gems, we are proud to offer Natural-color Amethysts, Citrines and Tourmalines from Brazil, natural-color Peridot from China, and natural-color Garnets. Our Zircons (which you can always spot with a loupe because they are doubly refractive) come direct from Thailand. Both the Zircons and the Blue Topaz are heat-treated to bring out their color. These are all lovely stones, with lively sparkle and good cuts. We also have some real artistic fancy cuts, as well. The colored stones have been arranged in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

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