Glossary of Terms

Shape Standard shapes; anything irregular is considered freeform. See illustration.
Bar Bar   Barrel Barrel
Curved Bar Curved Bar Diamond Diamond
Drop Drop Fan Fan
Freeform Freeform Half-oval Half-oval
Half-round Half-round Heart Heart
Ladder Ladder Marquis Marquis
Oval Oval Rectangular Rectangular
Round Round Shield Shield
Square Square Teardrop Teardrop
Tongue Tongue Trapezoid Trapezoid
Triangle Triangle    



Size Class For more information see illustrated size guide below.
  Type in this term: If you’re looking for stones in this size range:
  tiny 1-14mm
  small 15-22mm
  medium 23-30mm
  large 31-47mm
  extra large 48-56mm
  jumbo larger than 56mm
Guide to Size Classes



Search Example Meaning
Color Black, white, red and pink, green, purple (includes violet and lavender), blue, aqua, yellow, orange, brown, clear, transparent Dominant color in a stone.
Stone Class Agate, quartz, chalcedony, jasper, silicate All of these stone classes contain silica, but quartz tends to be more transparent, while jasper contains less structured crystals and tends to be opaque. Generally, quartzes are harder than jaspers.
Lapidary Designer Gary Wilson, Keith Horst, Donald Olson, Hermann Petry, your favorite cutter Well-known cutters whose work is popular.



How to Locate Pendants:
  Drilled pendants These gemstones that are drilled front to back, or laterally (side to side) They are found throughout the site, organized by stone. To see all of these at once, type: “drilled pendant” in the search box.
  Finished pendants (this is a site category) Finished pendants are those created by artisans, including handmade glass pendants, items with finished bails, and stones and other materials that already have been set in metal and are ready for immediate wear.



Other Useful Terms:
  art-carved or designer stones stones cut by well-known lapidarists in unique designs
  banded, striped With a striped, banding, or concentric circle pattern
  brecciated or conglomerate Stones containing a mosaic of little pieces in a natural matrix
  color change stones that undergo a color shift depending upon the type of light source
  drilled pendant, finished pendants A stone that is ready for stringing or hanging; does not need to be set. This includes stones with jump rings.
  druzy, druse, drusy, drusies Gemstones containing many small crystals. The color may come from the crystals themselves, or the underlying matrix.
  earring pair Stones matched for use in earrings. Dimensions refer to individual stone.
  fossil, plant fossil, fossil animal shell gems made from real fossils
  from outer space meteorites, tektites, and other materials that originated in outer space
  masculine stones stones that go well in men’s jewelry designs
  matched set, multiple stone set, necklace set, bracelet set, earring set, pendant and earring set various assemblies of matched stones
  metaphysical stone stone that is said to contain energetic or healing properties
  natural gem formation Uncut stones, especially crystals, that are in their natural form
  nature form a stone carved to look like some element of nature, such as starfish or pine cones
  obsidian natural volcanic glass
  orbicular referring to circles or “orbs” that are found within the natural patterning of the stone
  organic gem gems such as pearls, shells, and corals that were products of living things
  PMC, kiln-proof refers to stones that can be set in precious metal clay without heat damage
  rarity rare or unusual stones, collector’s items
  strand (this is a site category) refers to unfinished strands of: opaque stone beads, transparent beads, pearls, or metal. Also includes finished chains.
  synthetic, man-made, lab-created, laboratory-grown, dyed Refers to manufactured stones (usually faceted), which often have the same chemical makeup as natural gems.
  transparent cabochon refers to both natural and synthetic cabochons that are transparent, including those with color, such as Ametrine and CZs
  turquoise stones of natural stabilized or unstabilized turquoise, undyed
  web stone has a webbed pattern on its surface

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