Chameleon Druzy

You've probably heard of dichroic drusies, which display two different colors. But have you ever heard of drusies that shift through FOUR different colors? These absolutely awesome Chameleon Drusies from Greg Genovese do: They most frequently feature a pretty spring green color. But as the stone is turned under the light, it shifts from green, to aqua, to deep blue, and then to a purple with bronze. I bought all of these I could get from Greg because they are so unusual. Note that many of these (not all) are conchinas. Possibly their irregular surfaces help the color shift somehow. Greg cut these particular conchinas with great care: They have beveled edges, and most of them sit flat or almost flat like regular cabochons. The color shift is readily evident in all of these stones.  P.S. To see our main collection of Conchinas, go to Specialty Drusies or type Conchina into the Search Box.

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