Carnelian is a red chalcedony– a type of quartz colored with the russet tones of iron oxides. Its silica content makes it hard and durable, and some pieces are translucent. Others show an agate banding. Carnelian is one of the earliest-known gemstones, used for thousands of years in jewelry, document seals, and signet rings because wax does not stick to it. Use it in your work and become part of a long and respected tradition, from the ancient Egyptians, to the Greeks, as well as the Roman Empire. Unless otherwise noted, all of the cabochons have been cut to about 3.5mm thick, with only slightly rounded front faces. This was done to emphasize any translucency that they have. Satin-finish backs. The drilled pendants are thicker and are polished all over. Note that these are back-lit to show up their patterns.

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