If you’ve ever seen the inside of a geode lined with tiny crystals, that’s druzy (spelled technically as “drusy”). Probably the most common druzy is quartz, which can be vapor-coated with various materials, such as real gold and platinum, or the metal titanium, which comes in different colors. Natural druzy can be monochromatic, or sport colors: pink (cobalto calcite), green (Uvarovite garnet), black (psilomelane or black garnet), turquoise blue (chrysacolla), rare lavender or blue (chalcedony), and rust-red (jasper). Also naturally-occuring is Rainbow Pyrite druzy, which comes in every hue. These and other natural colors arise from the minerals on which the crystals are based. The crystals flash a thousand points of light as the stone is moved. In some drusies, the color underlies clear crystals, while in others, the crystals themselves are colored.

The gem druzy sold here is not crumbly and does not fall apart under normal use, but it’s not recommended for heavy-wear jewelry because sharp knocks can damage the surface. Please remember that the metallic coatings are not thick,so NEVER machine-buff the surface of coated druzy. Restore the sparkle of any druzy by swishing the piece through warm water with dishwashing liquid, rinse in distilled water, and dry with a blower or hair dryer.  Cared for properly, all drusies should last as long as the piece in which they are set. Each stone is unique. All the drusies on this site are hand-picked for their beauty, quality, and integrity.