Melee Diamonds


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These are top-of-the line, highest quality conflict-free genuine diamonds which I purchased directly from a trusted dealer in Antwerp. They are ideal cut, meaning that, despite their size, they are precisely cut in a pattern that produces the greatest amount of brilliant, reflected and refracted light. They all are F-G in color (i.e., nearly colorless), and they are VS in clarity, meaning that they have very slight inclusions (imperfections) that are difficult to see with the naked eye and hardly noticeable seen under a loupe. The size measurements given in the options are the average diameter for that weight of stone. If you are in the market for excellent cut diamonds of a larger size, or a size that is not shown, please contact me. NOTE: Above prices are per individual stone.  The term “pcs” refers to number of pieces in stock, but additional pieces can easily be backordered.