Imagine–Jewelry with stones from outer space! These are genuine meteorite material, part of a find several miles from the Campo del Cielo meteorite field in Chaco, Argentina. The Campo del Cielo site was originally discovered by Spanish explorers in 1572, but who knows when the original meteors left their wanderings through space and crashed to earth. The larger meteorites in the newly discovered field are in top condition and sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars apiece. The jewelry-sized pieces on this page are from that same location. They are called “exploded meteorites.”  Miners cut the larger chunks into slices and explode them apart, creating smaller pieces with fascinating freeform shapes. In 2008, Argentina enacted legislation prohibiting the export of meteorites from their country, but these were purchased before that date so their provenance is legal. However, these are the last that I have and it's unlikely that I'll be able to get any more due to the export prohibition.

The sculptural nature of the pieces suits them ideally to wire-wrapping, but I hand-picked each of these pieces and chose those that had one flat side so that bezel-setters could use them, too. These pieces don't have any jagged edges, so they won't cut or hurt the wearer. Note: These pieces all have a high iron content, so they should not be cleaned with water. They can be polished to a high gleam and, if you wish, sealed with a fine silicone spray.

Each of these exploded meteorites has been photographed from at least three different angles so you can appreciate the intricacies of their shapes. Generally, one side is flat or nearly so, to help with setting. While the iron content gives these a pleasant heft, none seem to be too heavy for use as pendants.

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