Coated Drusies

The gem world exploded with beauty when the coating technique used on these stones was first developed. The coatings are in the form of a vapor and are applied to the stones in a vacuum. They are permanent, but they can be chipped off if the stone is dropped or knocked against a hard surface. That’s why they are not recommended for daily, heavy-wear rings or bracelets. Also, NEVER machine-buff the druzy crystals–that’s the best way to quickly wear off the coating. Instead, clean gently by swirling the piece in soapy water and rinsing with distilled water. Protect the stone with masking tape or a removeable resist material if you need to polish the metal setting around it. Unlike some coated drusies, these pieces all have high-quality coatings that, if given proper care and gentle storage, will last the life of the piece.