Lab Corundums and Spinels

Corundum is really a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, a transparent mineral. Different “impurities” give rise to different colors: red rubies, green emeralds, and blue or other-colored sapphires. Chemically, they are all the same basic material, all very expensive. Modern technology has given rise to methods of creating chemically-identical gemstones in the lab, so any material labeled “laboratory-grown, laboratory-created, or synthetic” is required by the FTC to have essentially the same physical properties as the stones they are named for. On this page, we offer extremely affordable synthetic gems. The corundums offered here are real corundum, but chemicals have been added to make their colors similar to rubies, pink sapphires, garnets, and alexandrites. Blue stones seen here, on the other hand, are made from lab-created spinel, with varying chemical treatments to make them appear similar to aquamarines, zircons, and sapphires. There is one exception: The Lab-Created Sapphire (SYN212) is chemically identical to a real sapphire. It was treated (diffused) to capture the perfect ceylon sapphire color of real sapphire.  NOTE: The price will depend on the size that you select. Next to each size is shown the number of stones (pcs) in stock, but we can easily backorder more if you need them.

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