Pyrite And Related Gemstones

I can’t remember whether it was grammar school or old movies when I first heard the term “fool’s gold,” but I know that it refers to eager participants in the California gold rush who returned from the wilds, triumphant with a golden metallic ore and were crushed to learn that their claim to fortune was not the real thing: They had dug up pyrite instead of real gold. Pyrite, also known as iron pyrite, is a sulfur-based mineral that can be found in various types of rocks, including in druzy form (see our page on Rainbow Pyrite Druzy). Although it’s not a precious metal, pyrite still gleams with a metallic luster and can be silvery (such as in our Feather Pyrite) or golden (like our Apache Gold). As such, it makes for a lovely gemstone when cut into cabochons.

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