Ocean Wave Jasper

This amazing stone hails from Madagascar, and it makes you feel like you're sitting on a beach with your feet in the sand, watching the many colors of the surf.  The natural color variations and little fissures and clefts are all part of this stone's appeal.  Stormy Ocean Wave Jasper is the same species of stone, but it's cut from portions of the rough that have glassy shades of grey with touches of aqua and wet sand colors. An added bonus is that Stormy Ocean Wave Jasper is silicated, so it comes to a high polish, often sprinkled with tiny sparkles. If you love the ocean in all its moods, stones remind you of walks on the beach in both tranquil and thrilling times. Ocean Wave Jasper is considered mined out, so these stones are getting rarer with each passing season. All of these pieces have polished backs unless otherwise noted.

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